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Five salons of paintings revisiting spirit in nature – a BIG IDEA of the Romantic era.

Excursions from the inner to the outer – like all good excursions they result in a discussion…

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Painting for me is a passion. Post Modernism has opened the gates to diversity and I find it exciting to use this freedom to change and explore in my art. As a teenager I called myself a pantheist when I roamed the fells of the Lake District, in North West England, which seems part of my remaining wonderment of the natural world, within a spiritual context. My interest in popular science also informs my work. I will also say the intense use of colour in my art is joined to my deeply real inner life and this is part of my whole life. So here I am (living in the age of ecology, science and religions) painting to communicate the other with colour movement and shape.

Susan Morland