Paintings by Susan Morland in Musee Suzee revisit the ideals of the Romantic era. Lightness and imagination set the tone. Intense colour connects with spirit in nature, and expressive line transmits organic energy. In its time the Romantic era was a man’s world – now is the time for women artists to revisit!

When the ideals of the Romantic era emerged, nature was being turned into raw materials for the first industrial factories, and the human population was becoming a workforce regulated by the ticking clock. Two centuries later, in the modern world, the Romantic ideals stand in contrast to consumer society.

For a Romantic idealist, peace is to be found in a pastoral landscape or in contemplation of nature. A Romantic idealist seeks to know more about nature, to understand how inter-connected living beings are with the universe. Living beings of the universe exist through their emotion and passion. In the world of living beings there is a maelstrom of thoughts and feelings with which comes dread and fear of the unknown. Ultimately a Romantic idealist seeks a world where every living being has the possibility to be able to live their inner truth.

Maybe, at heart, there are a lot of Romantic idealists!

Susan Morland was born in Liverpool UK 1931. During the war her school was evacuated from Liverpool to Rydal Hall in the Lake District. She studied piano at the Royal Academy of Music, London. In 1969 she attended model classes at the Art Students League New York. Her first one person show was in London in 1978. During the 1990s she curated and took part in crossover arts and women’s art touring exhibitions and events in the UK and internationally. Her work is represented in permanent collections including Women’s Art at New Hall Cambridge University, Sharjah Arts Museum UAE, Hereford Museum and Art Gallery, and Art UK.


Imaging: Reeve Photography

Prints: Saxon Digital

Website: Adventures of Seeing

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