Salon i

My art is to communicate

It fascinates to see the vapour trails

Orchid Rises over Welsh Hills with Sheep 1

Trails traverse the sky taking the imagination along too. A scarf – inscribed with traces of a life story – billows across the pastoral landscape. Clouds always becoming new personalities.

From the garden centre an orchid has arrived

Orchid Rises over Welsh Hills with Sheep 2

The orchid’s spindly stems communicate from the roots to the petals. It seems to have a magical presence and a peaceful way of living. Sheep seem at home in the landscape.

When did people start giving flowers as gifts?

Lilies Flying

A yellow path transcribes an aura around the gift of flowers. A silver trail reaches up. Pink, white and yellow loudly say HELLO. The flowers’ voices need to be loud – bringing their message from across the sea.

Particles breaking through from beyond

Urn Plant

Into the outside world where end of season plants are suspended and reeds bend in the wind. Into the inside world where a plant that made its life on tree branches now grows in a pot.