Salon ii

I explore

Travelling in other dimensions.

The mushroom with mysterious power to transform

Death Cap, Antarctica 2003

Mushroom flying across frozen plains, mysterious mountains, through freezing sky. Gold gathers into heavy shapes and parasitic life-forms wriggle. A torn feather floats down.

20,000 mile migration of the little bird

Music of Ice, Arctic Dreams 2006

The map of the frozen region is the wisdom of the little bird. Flying beside is a wider image of wings – a guardian bird. Pictures of a life suspended in the landscape.

Ride the magic tablecloth

Marrow Flying with Toys and Seagull 2013

Over the hot sand and against the hot sky the toys can fly with the seagulls. Flying past the trails and scarf. Navigating through clouds and particles. Joining in flight with the most giant marrow imaginable.