Salon iii

I call myself a pantheist

Welcome to the organic world

Where are you Flying to? Talking to Kohl Rabi (not forgotten), Fig and Squash 2017

Take the silver trail to the organic world. Love the view from the clifftop of little waves and pink clouds. So many journeys being made. The galaxy spiral turns luminous.

Organic energy of the Kohl Rabi

Kohl Rabi (not forgotten) 2008

Kohl Rabi’s bulbous root has energy for its escape, dashing across the worn-out earth. Lit-up sky has blueness breaking through.

Figs rising up

Garden Figs Ballooning over Sprayed Field 2008

Masses of piled-up clouds make the shape of another world. The ripening figs rise above deserted ground.

Concept of a cabbage

Last Cabbage 1 2008

The cabbage unfolds from the ground, within and upon the ground. In its heart the cabbage discovers its own organic energy. An aura surrounds it and a silver trail leads back to the ground.