Salon v

I am a Romantic

Fingers white and pink with paint

Artist Dreams on Norfolk Beach SP 2011

Simple life-forms in red slivers and yellow clusters, and galaxy spirals, and clouds from trails all know no boundaries – the birds speak of freedom on the beach where artist, butterfly and bumblebee dream.

A goddess in human form

Bluebirds 2

Her wounded heart beside her. The gulls talk to her and the simple life-forms gravitate towards her. The clouds are her garlands. The galaxy spiral will go on turning. Her thoughts are becoming infinite to the horizon.

The dream comes to life

Wave to the Neighbours 2013

The rocket heads off to other worlds. The trails move across land sea and sky. In her Wound dress, the artist stands over the open shell. Her painting hand protected for fear of chemical damage. The dragonfly, butterfly and bumblebee have joined her in saying HELLO.