Salon v

On the shore

Be your own greatest breakthrough

Self-portrait. Fingers white and pink with paint. Guided by the intelligence of butterfly and bumblebee, all of biology is joining in a stately dance. Hovering spirals whirl out their ideas.

The heart is an object of contemplation. Seen through the blue of memory. The dance of biology has slowed down almost to the point of stillness and a chair has been brought to the beach from the life room.

In the dream she rises up from the land, where the wounds have been left on the shore. She talks with the animals. For millions of years the stork has been flying and perching. Dear stork, she says, you are very wise.

A rocket mission lifts off. In her Wound dress, the artist stands before the wonderful shell and contemplates the journey of a lifetime. Her painting hand protected from chemical damage. Dragonfly, butterfly and bumblebee have joined her in saying HELLO.