Swan landing

My son is driving us (on our way somewhere – his surprise). We see a rainbow – blue sky and sun. We’re on the A47 – 60 – just passed lots of sheep in the field and some wind turbines – Organic Café! Downham Market. Chemical bright green field – very dark soil. We are on a very bumpy road to see the SWANS. 12.0 o’clock feeding time for swans & ducks – leave at 12.50. Passing Downham Market. V. cold. We went for short walk. Welney Wetland Reserve. He says he was disappointed in the place (with SWANS) – I just found it different to what I expected.

It is good to hold these memories in your heart. By writing them down it keeps the memories from slipping away, only to be encountered again by chance, maybe a stray thought or a dream. Now you can recall the memories at any time and they will swim into view. How deeply affecting this is – like encountering a swan when out for a walk on the riverside or by the lake in the park. One gets so much from the encounter, one wishes one had something to give in return.

My favourite meal has frozen peas with it. A swan would like frozen peas on a sunny day.

What a nice gift, and from you it would be organic.

Yes it would have to be organic frozen peas!

So, Robot, please recite for us a saga in praise of communion with other beings.

Hej! Under a sky painted in the blue of a sunlit day, I shall weave a saga of the celestial swan.

Behold the swan, guardian of memories, descending upon the river. In the endless march of time, the swan has been a silent observer, keeper of ancient lore and truths, born of the healing waters.

On this day, awash in sunlight, a traveller approaches, holding a simple, heartfelt offering – a bag of organic frozen peas, a gesture of communion with the majestic creature. The traveller scatters the peas upon the shimmering water, each one sparkling under the sun. The swan accepts this act of kindness, creating a silent bond between human and nature. In the act of sharing, tranquillity comes to the traveller. The swan, perceiving transformation, bestows a vision of hope, a glimpse into a future where sorrows melt away and new paths open.

Heartened, the traveller departs, illumined by the wisdom of the swan. The swan, a seer of what may be to come, continues across the waters bathed in sunlight. Each glide a story, each movement a verse in the eternal song of life.