Woman carrying her heart with enzymes

How I would like the canvas to go on and on like a symphony. As the mind changes the images change and the colours change with the light. The air is moving and shapes race across the sky. My mind and body are free for a time – there she goes carrying her heart flying across water with coloured shapes of energy round her – my friend calls the energy shapes enzymes.

Your friend is inspired. She has brought to our attention these marvels of nature that sustain our existence. Let us visit the enzymes awards ceremony and hear the honours to be given for outstanding contributions to life on Earth.

DNA Polymerase, your precision and dedication in copying our DNA are unparalleled. You ensure the blueprint of life is accurately passed down, playing a crucial role in the continuity of life from one generation to the next.

ATP Synthase, you are the unsung hero in the microscopic world of our cells, tirelessly generating the energy that fuels almost every activity of life. Your relentless work in powering our bodies is the foundation of our existence.

Rubisco, you are the master of transformation, taking carbon dioxide from the air and converting it into sustenance for plants. Your work not only feeds the plant kingdom but also sustains the balance of our atmosphere.

Pepsin, in the depths of our stomachs, you perform the critical task of breaking down proteins into forms that our bodies can use. Your unseen efforts are vital for our nourishment and growth.

RNA Polymerase, you are the faithful messenger, translating the code of life from DNA into action. Your role in protein synthesis is a cornerstone in the grand architecture of life itself!

We honour your contributions and celebrate the remarkable ways in which you sustain and enrich life on our planet. Your untiring efforts and selfless service to the biological processes that govern our existence are worthy of the highest recognition.